Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall Happenings

Boy, has a lot happened over the passed couple of weeks! How about we start at Halloween? Friday was a beautiful day, and my roommate, Andrea, wanted to go swinging in the park…Yes, I called off work to get ready for the weekend, and yes I went with her. We walked to the park down by the river, where there were no swings in sight. There were only a couple of cute old men we got our picture with.

(They're on the bench in the background)

Then we decided to walk into town to the park across from Kroger. On our way we were going past the road with the art museum! I was like “Hey! Let’s go!”…and we did! We were a little nervous because we had nothing on us and the sign said it was a dollar for students. Then we saw the fine print “Free on Fridays!!!” How lucky did we get?

After that we were back on our way to the park. Once we got there we looked around and to our surprise the swings had been taken out. We are pretty good at improvising so we still had fun.

Yeah, Andrea is wearing scrubs (just in case you were wondering why she was all decked out in purple).

Later I was off to Huntington, WV to go to the Pumpkin House with people from my branch. That was awesome! Oh wait! Thursday was the Halloween party, and I went as a tooth and Andrea was the tooth fairy. (The whole party felt like a scene from The Office, so I didn’t feel too bad about missing it that night). Over all, great Halloween this year…The Best. I spent the weekend with my friend Keerstin, which was fun! She took me to get my hair cut. I asked the lady to take off about 2inch, but she ended up taking off about 6. It hurt, but it looks healthy.

More Pumpkin House Pics

Monday night I drove home to wake up at 6am to go vote with my mom. Tuesday morning when we were leaving the house I heard the strangest and most unique noise. Mom said it was the rooster my dad brought home. I never laughed so hard over a chicken. You'd have to hear it. After a trip to the polls I had the whole day to myself at my home. I went for a walk on the trails, and just felt at home. I love it there so much. I just can’t see myself living in the city forever. That night was bitter sweet when the election was done. I’m just glad Ohio voted not to have casinos come in. I don’t know what Wilmington is going to do come January. I have hope something will work out.

This Saturday was my last Saturday at work. That broke my heart. I love my job, and wish there was enough time in the day to keep it. I’m quitting to be able to spend my final Christmas break at home with family and to travel to see old friends. Also, I’m hopefully student teaching next semester. I’ll have NO time to work.

I'm going to miss my job, and my co-workers! Can you believe I got paid for 2 1/2 years to ride horses and teach kids how to ride??? Me either!

Sorry to take so long to post. My friend Jen and I are going to start a blog together over break with everything we think is awesome (more details to come), so be pumped and prepared for that!

P.S.- Be prepared for this blog to go private soon. I don't trust creep-o's and I'm going to be looking for teaching jobs soon...Be sure to let me know if you want to see it! I want my family and friends to still be able to know if I'm still alive and/or have a life...


Jonathan and Sarah said...

i want to know about your blog when you go private! im not too creepy... just kinda.

I hope everything works out for your town, its crazy how one company can have such a huge effect, my dad works there also.

Bekah said...

Mally, I miss you and can't wait to see you next week! When will you be in Wilimington? And yes, I obviously want to be invited when your blog goes private.