Tuesday, July 29, 2008

watch me waddle

Have you ever bought new shoes and didn’t know how to walk in them? This is pretty common for me with high heels (I usually avoid those babies), but gym shoes are another story. Today I bought a pair for the first time in a few years. I’m used to wearing my old broken-in shoes, or my wonderful free feeling flip-flops. I honestly don’t know how to walk in these. They are lightweight and comfortable, but I feel like a baby duck trying to waddle down to the swimming hole. Not only am I a duck, but I feel like everyone has to notice that ~Oooohhh, she’s wearing SHOES~…Ducks don’t wear shoes…Mallory Ducks don’t at least….Hey, that would make a good children’s story! Mallory the Mallard Wears Shoes! Dibs!!!

P.S.- White water rafting was AMAZING! I LOVED IT!!! I'm add some pictures and give a few more details when my laptop gets near a good internet source...

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