Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, what an eventful weekend! All the family was in, and it was crazy. We went hiking, swimming, horseback riding (well, the two nephews sat on Lacy for about 30sec.), saw fireworks, caught lightning bugs, and had a little family fireside. It seems like the more we have these family get-togethers, the better they get. I can’t get enough of my niece and nephews, and the new babies are the cutest little guys in the world. But now I’m off to class. Just when I was finally starting to get some sun too…
A little nature hike

4th of July Fireworks!

Look what she found.

I've never seen SO MANY LIGHTING BUGS.
I miss all those kids already!


Bekah said...

LOVE the post, Mally. Hope you made it back to school okay. Thanks for being so great to my kids. Love you!

Bekah said...

Will you email me any and all pictures you took over the weekend? Thanks, you're the best!