Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still Fits

When I was little, I would drool over the neighbors' horses. I grew up in a house built on an old race horse training facility. Acres of pasture and riding trails...and me without a horse. 

Finally, my parents decided to get me the greatest gift I could have EVER asked for. That one thing every little girls dreams of. And not just one; but a beautiful white Arabian, and a chestnut brown filly, too. My life was complete.

Every so often, my dad would take me on little trips to see either someone selling rabbits, or goats, or the occasional horse stable or show. But one of my fondest memories was when my dad took me to buy my boots. We went into the attic of an old man's tack store. Up the stairs was a strong scent of leather, and a wall lined with boxes of shoes. I picked out the perfect riding boot, and got them a couple sizes too big to make sure they would last me a long time. My dad got himself a pair of cowboy boots, and we paid the man. I couldn't believe my dad would spend so much on me. Though looking back, that was a good price for good shoes. 

When I went to college my boots went to storage. I ended up working on a ranch, but I never wore them (maybe because I rode english and the ranch was western). Since Jeff and I moved back to my hometown, I've finally started going through everything. And there were my boots. Last month I finally had an excuse to wear them...and they still fit. 

I'm hoping someday we'll have a little girl who will fill my shoes.

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Jules said...

Gosh you are so cute in that last picture. I'm envious of your horse/farm history. You know what my family did? Watch movies. Shop. Go out to eat. No sports, animals, anything. Boring, boring. Perhaps Seve and I can establish longboarding trips, or own a small theatre our children can create magical memories in. You and Jeff already have a leg up on awesome things to offer your kids, so I better get cracking if I want to offer Simon something better than "wanna watch Batman?"