Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old College Town

 Jeffrey and I went on a mini adventure through the
hills of southern Ohio, Saturday.
 And I just found out I take pictures as if I'm drinking
out of a mini teacup. Pinkies up!
(and that camera is film. We got it earlier this summer. I'll share more another day)
 We visited my old college town, and saw all the places I loved to go...
 Things have changed, but not too much.
 This is where I'd sit, and write in my journal for hours.
 We had lunch with some of my old college friends, sneaked around campus, saw the murals, drove past the places I used to live, and glimpsed around the art museum. It was the perfect little visit. 
Lastly, on our way out of town, we visited the ranch where I used to work. A friend I worked with is now kind of "in charge", so we got to catch up, and let us have a hay day!
Jeff looking manly. mmmm. (Andee gives great instructions on how to look manly next to a tractor).

 Ignore the tons of dust.

 I wouldn't have posed like that if I knew it made me look fat in the middle...or dorky uncool. But it was the only one you could see me through the dust. But the good news is I can still fit comfortably in my riding boots! I'll share those in another post later.
For the first time on a horse, Jeff rocked it. Made my heart very happy. Gives me hope I'll get my little ranch someday.

Someday, Mallory.

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