Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boise Weekend

Jeff and I are working on getting to see more of this state, before moving. This past weekend we explored Boise, Idaho...and getting there was not easy. We got out a couple hours later than desired, and the drive was a couple hours longer than realized (due to construction, and the fact that you have to drive clear around the wilderness to get anywhere). Our camp site wasn't in the GPS, and once we finally at least found Lucky Peak State Park, finding an open camp site was another story. After looking all over in the dark we found it. The one and only open area. We nabbed it, and tried to get some sleep (amongst the boisterous tweenagers walking through every 10min and what we call little chirpers scurrying around our tent).

But when we woke up...Now that is a different story. The sun came up over the hills, and gleamed on the lake. Our site overlooked the beautiful scenery. We even had a dock to play on. It was a gorgeous morning.

 Later, we put together lunch, and explored the place.

We went to the rose garden, and zoo. We wanted to ride the swan pedal boats, but they were a bit of a ripoff.

I think Boise's my favorite city in Idaho if I had to pick. 
After our adventures, we headed over to a reception for Jeff's old roommate.

 It was lovely.
Boise's nice.


Miranda said...

I questioned when I read "swan peddle boats" as to what they are. Then I saw the picture. They're swan peddle boats.

Bekah said...

Boise is definitely our favorite place in ID as well. Glad you had fun! You look lovely, as always.
PS- I have your CD of pics!