Sunday, July 24, 2011

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My man's a college graduate now!

Friday, Jeff graduated with a degree in Communications, and his parents came all the way to Idaho for the grand event.
(Wish I got more pictures with Jeff and his parents...But here's pictures of our friend, Seve, also graduating!)

 We celebrated with a little dinner with the Buffington's, and called it a night. 
The next day we had a little cookout of freedom.
(SO sad Jeff's mom couldn't join us. She was stuck in a hospital for a couple of medical issues. I'm grateful she was able to watch her son walk at graduation though!)

 I gave free modeling lessons at the cookout. Here are my Hottt modelz.

 They were good.

(Busted out the camera too late to catch the babiezzz and Buffingtons. Oh! And Jeff took most of these pictures:)

It's VERY exciting to be moving on to the next stage in our lives, but kind of sad too.Now that Jeff doesn't have school he actually has time for things...which means we are able to make more memories. Which also means...more things to say goodbye to. 

4 weeks until the across country move. 

Next weekend: Boise 


Bekah said...

Congrats Jeff! Hey, we're heading out to UT tomorrow. We'd love to see you if you have a spare minute. We'll even come to you!Brad comes August 10th, but we'll come with or without him. Email me with dates that would work for you. I think Miranda's coming to SLC this Friday, July 29th. If that worked for you guys we could have a little b-day shin-dig for her. Hopefully see you soon!

Bekah said...

PS- You could stay at my parents with me. Their basement is empty now.

Bekah said...

PSS- I'm bringing your CD of pics with me. Don't hate me because I'm a slacker. Blame Cora. ;)

Jules said...

These are great, thanks for posting! CONGRATS to Jeff the Grad and we hope to hang with you guys in Boise!