Tuesday, March 1, 2011


 This picture doesn't truly show how beautiful my friends are...and I miss them. Three of my nearest, dearest friends came up this weekend to help me plan the wedding. 

We went dress shopping (didn't find the perfect one, but got an idea of what I like). The first place we went was so awesome! You'd have no idea from the outside what was on the second floor. No one came up the entire time (not even an employee), and that just made it even better.

And we got our hair styled. I think this is pretty close to what I want...only less teasing and hairspray.
And, going along with tradition, we got milkshakes. 
 Wish I got more pictures of our great weekend. 
I have great friends.
It meant so much to me that they came.
I'm sad they are gone.
Can't wait to see them again!


Christyn Caryn said...

I MISS YOU too! That was the best wedding planning, Rexburg weekend ever! I love SPACES... and MAPS is going PLACES! MAPSMAPSMAPS... MAPS! Holla for Unicorns!

Maren said...

oh I so wish I could have come. I miss you so much Mal. In fact I used your name last night! We played Scattergories and the letter was "M" and the category was nicknames and I used Mal! And they almost didn't count it and I wanted to call you up and make you tell them that it's a legit nickname!

You look so beautiful Mal. I am so happy for you! Hey, my number is 9188998093. I don't know if you have it or not, but will you call me or text me sometime? I would sure love to hear from you.

Love you.


Jeffrey said...

you look killer in that dress. why wasnt that the right one again?