Thursday, February 3, 2011


Although I don't have a shower, if I got to choose, 
I'd still choose a bath.

The bath is my refresh button. 

Clears my mind, and helps me start over on imperfect days (like today). Now I'm more than ready for tomorrow. 


Christyn Caryn said...

Amen. I couln't agree more.

Christyn Caryn said...

Also, there is this amazing photographer in Ohio... for no real reason at all I just thought I would share it with you because I know you love groovy pics and Ohioans

Kim said...

Oh me too. A bath is where it's at. I'm not sure I could live in a place for long with just a shower. It's my nightly ritual - the one when I'm having a hard day I will calculate how many more hours it will be until I can get in my bath. Sorry to read about Sally she does look sweet and I'm glad it looks like the worst is over.