Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Season's "MUST HAVES!"

Happy Holidays Everyone!
This Christmas season I've seen a lot of really great ideas for gifts, starting with!

Animal print anything! Even though we live in America, it's never too late to whip out your African inspired faux-fur cheetah print foot warmers! *Caution! Do NOT try to walk in foot warmer thing...Your feet ARE attached together. Well, maybe it will be fun. Kind of like walking like a mermaid.

I'm sure you're thinking this must be a famous, expensive! landscape painting. You'd be WRONG! It's actually from my own personal collection...from the boarder around my living room! Bring the outdoors indoors, with a mountain scene boarder. Any woman would be jealous.

Next on the list of great gift ideas! Chinese scroll with PUPPIES! Brighten any kitchen with those cute faces! *Again, from my own personal collection*
Satisfaction guaranteed ;)
And WHAT is Kelly's secret? THE BOOTY POP! Padded panties to make any booty a beauty! I trusted this product so much I got a pair for my GRANDMA! (totally serious). Her review: A+. She loved them so much she asked for a second pair! Why you ask? For those long days of sitting around! Without a caboose, your tush is kaput! Add this cushion to your tushin, and you'll be great for hours!

Now, this idea was mine. Sometimes I get swept away with watching shopping networks, and the AMAZING things they say and do (I rarely actually pay attention to the product). NOW, I say they need to have a season series available on DVD! Enjoy hours of previous recorded live air home shopping, without the temptation to buy a thing!

Hope these ideas are a HUGE help in getting someone special the PERFECT gift! If you've got great gift ideas, let me know. I'd love to know about it ;)


Miranda said...

Did you google tackiest Christmas gifts in existence and pick the first 5? Or, are you just that good? I bet its the latter.

Christyn Caryn said...

Sooo pretty sure this post just made my life. Could not control my laughter about the grandma panties. love the ideas! You are amazing. When you do you take off for the motherland?