Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ohio to Idaho; to Ohio once more.

I'm home after a long road trip to Idaho.
Jeff and I had a good time driving out...

Other than this place, where I had to spend hours:

I think the only bad thing to happen the whole trip was a 12hr bug
(that left me queezy for a couple days after).
It was cold, snowy, dark, and flat most of the way.

The windmills were about my favorite thing to see.

Once we got to Idaho, Jeff and I spent the rest of the week having fun and getting to know each other more.

That's Jeff on that poster ^

And then, I was on a flight back home.

On the flight I was able to get over halfway through a pretty good book,

As bitter cold and boring as Idaho seemed, I kinda miss it. I stayed with Jeff's friends, Jules and Seve (who were awesome), and saw a few of my friends while out west. It was fun to be around the college scene again, too.

Since being home I've unpacked, done all my laundry, started a couple projects, and have tried to stay busy. Not only is Jeff out at school, but Squishy died today. He lived a good long beta fish life, but he will be missed. I think I'm going to get a plant to take his place, and fill this void in my life.

More pictures from D.C. are on the way, as well as projects.
Back to buisness.


Jeffrey said...

Miss you already love.

Bekah said...

First of all, ^ his comment is dang cute. Secondly, I'm sorry about Squishy and that Jeff's gone. If you ever need to talk or vent, I'm always here. And, we're just a short 6 hour drive away, which should feel like nothing after your ID escapade. Glad you're home safe.

Miranda said...

I would just like to say, you consistently under represent yourself in photos you place on here. That is all.

Beth said...

I love reading your blog. Too bad you don't get paid for how many times i click it per week. You'd be rich (but... i'd be broke.. still). Glad you had a good time, but i think your next trip should be to see me. :)