Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...floating in the summer sky...

Time for the thought train!
This morning I was having some Butterfinger ice cream for breakfast. It reminded me of this summer, when I was tutoring some kids. I would bribe them with candy, and one boy would always ask for a Butterfinger. Then I started thinking about this summer and how I had this thing where I thought balloons were elegant almost; childlike, yet classy. I came across this great French film that I really enjoyed. It’s kinda long, but if you’re into this kinda thing it’s really pretty awesome:

Speaking of red balloons, this movie reminds me of this pretty shweet song:

And, just because I AM that big of a nerd: TECHNO REMIX

I don't know if you caught a line in there that said "everyones a Captain Kirk" but that got me thinking. Now, I’m not a trekky, but I will admit to really really enjoying the Star Trek movie this year.

After I saw this with some friends, we went out for ice cream. We had so much fun, and the ice cream was pretty good too…better than the ice cream I was just eating, which brings us to our stop. I’m back to the moment where I’m having ice cream for breakfast.

Happy Tuesday!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

oh i love the thought process...and im glad im not the only one who had ice cream for breakfast!!

S said...

You know I looked up the red balloons song on wikipedia. Pretty interesting.