Thursday, August 7, 2008

再见...or GoodBye!

I’m skippin’ town for a couple weeks! Look for me in the crowd at the Olympic Games! (I shouldn’t be too hard to spot). What’s the #1 thing I’m looking forward to in China, you ask? The fried starfish on a stick! I am going to be so digestively inclined by the time I get back. My goal: eat anything (that’s “passed through the fire” of coarse) and pray I don’t have to go to the T.P. deficient bathrooms persistently. It will be great!

For all those who have finished classes and are now on a little break, HAVE A GREAT BREAK! For those who aren’t…umm, hope you like work! Or whatever you’re doing! I’ll have you all in mind while I’m climbing the Great Wall, or enjoying a little Zen meditation with some Buddhist monks. Well, maybe not while I’m meditating. I’m not supposed to think about anything then…but any other time, you’re there! Later everyone!

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Jen said...

Mallory--you know this already, but I will say it again--you're awesome. I wouldn't have the guts to do it!

Ashton Sanders said...

wtf mate!? Mallory?! Where'd ja go? are you back yet? did you survive? was it hot? how about another post?!

I can't believe you went - Jen said it well: You're awesome.