Friday, May 23, 2008

Here We Go!

Well, I wanted to start a blog to have another form of a journal. I have a written one, but it can be illegible and confusing. I also wanted a way to update friends and family I don't get to see enough. Right now I should be studying and finishing up a study abroad class. In March I went to London for an art history class. It was amazing, and I hope to go back someday. I still have papers to write, and projects to finish for it, though.

We ran around EVERYWHERE! My feet have never been in so much pain...I LOVED IT!

It was Holy Week, so we had some experiences we wouldn’t have encountered any other time.

We met some pretty awesome people, as well.

The Tube was the best way to travel.

I loved London!

I also just got back from a pretty spectacular road trip with Whitney, an awesome friend of mine. To give a quick synopsis of our happenings: Whitney flew in from Utah and it was around my birthday, so we did the whole birthday thing for a few days with different friends in different towns.

Then, Monday morning we headed up to Kirtland. We toured just about the whole place. We were about to head off to Penn State to stay with my brother for the night, but decided to go to the John Johnson Farm before it closed. It was great. The spirit is so strong in every place. To stand where the Prophet once stood, and imagine the miraculous events was worth the detour.

Whit and I met working at a camp on Catalina Island a few years ago. Sharaya, another girl who worked with us just so happened to move to Clevaland of all places, so we met up!

Once to Penn we didn’t stay long. We got some cereal from a place that only serves cereal (one of our favorite foods!) And we were off to Scranton! The home of our favorite T.V. show, The Office!...and yeah, it was lame…Which made it that much cooler!!!

This picture will go down in history as...The BEST!

Hershey, PA was our next stop, and boy was it fantastic. Whit and I decide the best six dollars we had ever spent in our entire lives was on The Really Big 3D Animated Hershey Character Musical! The Chocolate Experience was money well spent, too. We now know everything to know about chocolate.

And no, I did not develop a lisp. My camera just likes to give people one. It’s pretty sweet really.

Next was Pittsburgh for some art, and fun with another friend, Alina. (Not to mention we got to watch the Office finally on a big screen). Then off to Amish Country…Take the tour! Your eyes will be opened! And on the way home we went to Newark, OH were we saw THE WORLD'S LARGEST BASKET!

We were there taking pictures trying to make it look like we were stepping out of it, or anything we could think of, when a man walks out and says "So, I was watchin' ya on camera there, and had to come out and see what was going on." hahaha. He was nice and gave us some good info.

Throughout our trip we had a ton of amazing little stories, but that would take a long time to get through. Life is good…

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Yea! Mallory has joined the blogosphere! Welcome!

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